Resident Evil Revelations

Resident Evil Revelations

A spin-off in the legendary Resident Evil horror series
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Recent years have seen a sort of Renaissance for PC gaming. Games from different platforms are being ported to PC, even those that used to be exclusives with no chance of appearing on computers. This is especially true for the Resident Evil franchise. Those games have a history of skipping PC and reaching it years later. But no one would have thought that the Revelations spin-off series would be ported.

Resident Evil: Revelations used to be a game for Nintendo 3DS portable console and served as a side-story in the vast and complex world created by the main games. It uses characters from the extensive RE cast and invents another adventure for them in a gory and terrifying context. This time, it's a large ship infected with yet another virus strain turning people into zombies. The setting offers a lot of blood, closed dark spaces and the classic suspense one expects from the series.

Unfortunately, the gameplay is a hybrid of the more recent Resident Evil games. Third-person over the shoulder view, shooting mechanics and visual design. All of those cannot help affecting the atmosphere of horror.

But even if RE has become a franchise of big-breasted women and tentacle biological monstrosities, it still keeps a player interested. The element of haunting adventure combined with genuine elements of horror make Revelations a solid entry in the series well worth porting to PC.

James Lynch
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  • Classic Resident Evil atmosphere
  • Interesting gameplay


  • Portable roots of the game affect graphics and controls
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